Reputable Animal Clinic


Specializing in Overall Pet Health

Bring your beloved pet for a checkup at our animal clinic if they are not feeling well or exhibiting strange behavioral patterns. Trust the River Region Animal Hospital in Crystal River, FL to nurse them back to health with patience and medical expertise. Overall pet health includes their physical, mental, and emotional state, so feel free to consult our medical staff about any of your pet’s health needs.

Drop By or Schedule a Pet Checkup

If your animal friend has yet to undergo their first checkup, let Dr. Henry examine them for any signs of disease. The River Region Animal Hospital operates from Tuesday to Saturday, so book an appointment with our medical staff by calling us at (352) 564-1838. If you have any questions about our animal clinic, veterinary services, payment options, or other concerns, fill out our online form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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