Routine Pet Vaccines


Small Animal Dermatology and Wellness Care

Dr. Henry administers routine vaccines to pets and believes in the "three year" protocol for distemper-parvo and rabies vaccines. River Region Animal Hospital in Crystal River, FL also offers lab testing, animal dermatology, wellness care services and more. Being born in Miami, Dr. Henry is very aware of how Florida's climate allows for a wide array of allergies that may effect your pets well-being.We make sure to conduct our medical procedures in a calming and stress-free environment that keeps your pet comfortable at all times.

We Specialize in:

  • Animal Dermatology
  • Animal Surgical Procedures
  • Animal Vaccines
  • Animal Wellness Care
  • Laboratory Services
  • Veterinarian House Calls

Let Us Examine Your Pet

Keep your small animal friends healthy and prevent diseases with regular vaccines and physical exams. We discuss the diagnostic procedures and give recommendations and healthy treatment options according to your pet’s individual needs. Feel free to consult for dermatology or wellness care of River Region Animal Hospital. Wellness plans and packages are available. Address your pet’s healthcare and other related concerns by calling us at (352) 564-1838.
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